The Benefits of Front Load Washing Machines: Why You Should Invest

Simon Wulfberg
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Washing machines are essential household appliances. They help save water on laundry and eliminate the stress of hand washing. Homeowners looking to buy washing machines often face a major challenge in deciding between a top-load and front load washing machine. However, those more concerned about energy costs and saving money on water bills often go with the front loaders.

Front-load washing machines are commonly favoured because they require less energy for operation. They also offer a better overall outcome in terms of water, space-saving, and laundry cleanliness.

If you’re still unsure whether a front-load washing machine is the best option for you, here are some other benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners looking to save costs understand the importance of choosing energy-efficient appliances. That is why the front-load washing machine is recommended.

Front-load washing machines use less energy for the entire washing and tumbling process compared to top-load machines. This appliance is also better with water usage, especially as it can help save as much as five gallons of water per load or wash cycle. With five gallons of water saved per use, homeowners can save as much as 2,000 gallons of water per year, thus reducing their overall water bills.

In addition to saving money, front-load washing machines also save time. Users can rest assured that their laundry will dry faster when washed and spun in a front-load machine. The shorter drying time is often due to the machine’s orientation which allows water to drain faster out of clothes compared to the top-loaders.

With front-load washing machines, property owners can also save on the cost of purchasing dryers or limit dryer use to the barest minimum. A reduction in dryer use can also further save costs, especially as dryers are energy intensive.


Homeowners looking to give back to the environment by reducing their environmental impact can do that using front-load washing machines. Front-load washing machines are more energy efficient, which means you'll have reduced your dependence on fossil fuel and its environmental impact. In addition, front loaders require less water for their operations, which ultimately reduces the amount of wastewater produced by your household.

Due to the high-efficiency performance of front-load washing machines, you can also save money on detergent use. This can further reduce the environmental impact of soaps and their chemicals.

Essentially, using a front-loader washing machine can help households reduce their carbon footprint and encourage environmental healing.

Save Money in the Long Run

A common complaint among homeowners purchasing front-load washing machines is the price. In truth, front-load washers are more expensive compared to top-load washing machines. However, front-load washers can help you save money in the long run, paying for the price difference and putting some more money in your pocket.

For example, a more expensive front-load washing machine consumes less energy and water, thus helping you save a few hundred dollars annually. The front-load washer also performs excellent spins, which reduces your dependence on dryers, thus saving more money. Finally, due to its efficiency, you also save more money on detergent use.

These avenues are common areas where you can recoup the cost difference between a front-load and a top-load washing machine.

Front-load Washers Handle Large Loads Well

Front load washers are designed to handle large laundry loads better. With this, homeowners and users can save even more time, energy, and money by washing more clothing items during each cycle.

With more load handling capacity, homes with multiple family members can rely on the front loader to wash more clothes in a shorter time frame compared to the top-loading washing machines.

Clean Clothes Better

The main reason for using a washing machine is to save stress and get the best washing outcome. The front-load washing machine has consistently been rated above the top-load counterpart, especially regarding washing quality and outcome.

If you want a cleaner laundry outcome, choose the front-loading washing machines for your laundry needs.

Save Space

Front loaders are great for small spaces, especially because they are compact and have all their setup at the back. This is an essentially interesting benefit, especially for homes with small storage or laundry rooms.

Due to their compact size, front-load washers can also be fitted under the kitchen counter or stacked with other appliances like dryers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Front Load Washer

Although front-loading washing machines have many great benefits that make them the favourite choice for homeowners, they also come with some challenges. As a property owner looking to purchase a washing machine, below are some considerations to keep in mind as you shop front-load washing machines.


Front-load washing machines are more expensive than their top-load counterparts. However, users are more likely to recoup the price difference over time through energy and water use efficiency, detergent use efficiency, and faster drying.


Some users complain that top-load washing machines are more convenient than front-loaders. This may be true for tall people or people with back or joint-related problems. However, this problem can be avoided when the washing machine is stacked at the right height or placed on a platform.


Maintaining your front-load washer can be a little demanding, especially as it is prone to overloading. Users can prevent this problem by only loading the appropriate clothes weight into the machine during each cycle.

The appliance’s lifespan can also be improved by contacting an appliance repair expert as soon as common issues have been detected.


Front loaders are more likely to retain a little moisture after each use, especially due to the horizontal drum design. This water is less likely to evaporate as fast as in the top loaders, thus predisposing the appliance to increased risks of mould and mildew. Mould and mildew can be prevented by opening the appliance door for proper aeration.

Although the front-load washing machine has its cons, the pros far outweigh them. You too can enjoy the costs, and water and energy-saving advantages of this home appliance by visiting


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