The Ultimate Microwave Cleaning Hack

Dejan Josipovic
3 Minute Read

Do you dislike scrubbing the microwave? So do most Aussies! It is never an easy task to remove the grease and food particles that have accumulated on the walls. However, the lemon microwave cleaning trick provides a viable alternative. If you have a microwave, you can clean it in a matter of minutes with just lemons and water. How do you clean a microwave using lemons, you ask? Check out our Tik Tok video and read on below.

Step 1. Prepare the cleaning solution

Squeeze the juice of 1–2 lemon halves into a large dish half-filled with water. To ensure the lemon juice is equally dispersed, stir it around. (are you short on lemons?) Vinegar can also be used to clean microwaves; just dilute three tablespoons with water as you would with lemons.

Step 2. Microwave on high

Put the bowl of lemon water into the microwave and zap it for roughly five minutes on high power. The water will boil and produce steam as a result of the lemon juice. All of the grime and debris on the inside of your microwave will be loosened by this steam.

Step 3. Give it some more time

After the first five minutes have passed, continue to let the bowl with the lemon water sit in the microwave for another five minutes or so. The steam will be able to continue cleaning the internal surfaces of your microwave as a result of this action.

Step 4. Wipe down the insides

When the timer goes off, remove the food and use a clean cloth to wipe out the microwave. It shouldn't take much scrubbing to remove the filth and grime. If there are still problems, heat the lemon water in the microwave once more. You can either scrub for a shorter amount of time, or moisten your cloth with the lemon water.

Step 5. Clean the externals and turntable of the microwave

Don’t stop with the internal walls. Cleaning the exterior of your microwave or the turntable only requires a moist towel. If necessary, you can also apply some lemon water to the affected regions. Extra cleaning power can be obtained by dampening a rag with a mixture of hot water and baking soda, which can be used on particularly difficult stains.

So, does lemon juice work to clean a microwave? Yes! With this knowledge, you can easily and quickly clean your microwave with just lemons and water. Next time your microwave needs to be cleaned, try the lemon trick. It's a decision you won't regret. And if you ever have any problems with your microwave oven, The Appliance Guys are here!

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