What should your tenants do if they suspect a gas leak

Dejan Josipovic
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Can you remember a time where your tenant has contacted you with a suspected gas leak and they are flustered and stressed and don’t know what to do? A gas leak can be dangerous and it is important that it is attended to right away. So, what should your tenants really do if they suspect a gas leak?

  • Firstly your tenants should report it to the real estate so that they can organise an appropriate company to go out to the property and complete the repair.
  • Your tenants should give an accurate description of the location and details of the gas escape. Do they know where its coming from? Is there a certain area that they can smell it more?
  • Tenants should turn off or remove anything that can create an ignition such as naked flames, cigarettes, mobile phones or electrical equipment.
  • If possible turn off the gas supply at the gas meter. If they are not sure how to do this they can call Stove Doctor on 96215440 and we can walk them through the steps
  • If the gas has ignited, keep clear. DO NOT attempt to extinguish the flame yourself.

By following the 5 steps above you will be minimizing risks in the home if there is a gas leak.

So, we asked your tenant to turn off the gas supply at the gas meter but they are not sure how to do that? Well that is perfectly fine. By following the steps below your tenant will be able to safely turn off their gas supply to avoid any damage.

  • First of all, you want to make sure that all of your household appliances are turned off. These include stoves, ovens, heaters, hot water systems and cooktops. You also want to make sure that the pilot lights are out.
  • Locate your gas meter. They are generally located on the side wall of your home or in the front yard.
  • Once you have located your gas meter you want to turn the control tap on the meter to the OFF position. Rotate the handle 90 degrees from the ON position. The meter is off when the handle is horizontal to the gas inlet pipe.

Natural Gas is a safe form of energy, however as with many energy sources safety precautions must be taken.

  • Never store flammable liquids near the gas meter.
  • Ensure the gas meter is easy to access incase of emergency
  • Do not attempt to fix or modify your gas meter or gas inlet pipe.

So, if you have a tenant contacting you with a suspected gas leak. Create a work order and send it through and send this checklist to your tenants to prepare for a technician to come out to the property to complete the repair.

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