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It's likely your kitchen is the heart of your home, and your stove is the central part of it! So when any part of your stove breaks down, it can be a huge inconvenience for the entire family.

At The Appliance Guys, we make it easy for you to enjoy your kitchen appliances again as quickly as possible - and for as long as possible. We provide excellent service with a smile every time… at an unbeatable price!

Skilled to Solve Any Issue, Fast

We’re licensed in gas, electric and water appliances with service for over 100 appliance brands. Our skilled technicians are able to complete every repair and service, usually on the first visit.

Skilled to Solve Any Issue, Fast

We’re licensed in gas, electric and water appliances with service for over 100 appliance brands. Our skilled technicians are able to complete every repair and service, usually on the first visit.

Skilled to Solve Any Issue, Fast

We’re licensed in gas, electric and water appliances with service for over 100 appliance brands. Our skilled technicians are able to complete every repair and service, usually on the first visit.

Skilled to Solve Any Issue, Fast

We’re licensed in gas, electric and water appliances with service for over 100 appliance brands. Our skilled technicians are able to complete every repair and service, usually on the first visit.

Whatever Is Wrong with Your Stove,


  • Your electric stove-top heating element won't turn on
  • Your electric or gas stove-top glass broken or shattered
  • Your electric induction stove-top is displaying an error code
  • Your stove-top control valve is jammed and won't turn
  • Your stove-top gas burner will not auto ignite
  • Your stove-top burner switches off as soon as you release the knob
  • Your stove-top will not spark at all to ignite the gas burner
  • Your stove-top element only work on high and won’t adjust heat
  • Your stove-top element won’t turn off
  • Your stove-top trips the safety switch when turned on
  • Your gas stove-top is producing a weak burner flame
  • Your gas stove-top is constantly ticking tick tick tick
  • Your gas stove-top sparks, however, burner won't light
  • You have no gas flow at one or multiple burners on your stove-top
  • The oven fan spins, but it produces no heat on your stove
  • The oven on your stove burns your food
  • The electric oven on your stove makes a rattling noise
  • The electric oven on your stove heats, but the fan won't spin
  • The oven door on your stove won’t close all the way
  • Your oven on your stove will not start at all


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Our technicians service over 100 appliance brands. You can rest assured that your kitchen appliance is in skilled hands


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When the oven light goes out on your stove, or it starts to burn food, everyone in your family gets annoyed!

Have our technicians come to the rescue, and get your stove running and cooking again safely!

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High fees, charge by the hour
Work often stretches into overtime
Usually 30-day or no warranty
6-hour window for arrival
Often arrive late
Leave your house dirty
Rude, unskilled workers

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We’ve grown from a small business to the leading gas and electric appliance repairand installation company in Australia. We now service over 1680 suburbs across the country and have provided peace of mind to thousands of families. In 2021, our team repaired <insert figure here> appliances while giving well over <insert figure here> consultations.

With more than 300 years of collective experience in the appliance industry, our team has the knowledge to provide you with the highest quality service, and solve all your appliance troubles for a price other companies just cannot match!


Rattling noises, shattered glass doors, or broken fans – no matter how broken your oven, we can handle it professionally, promptly, and for an unbeatable price. Get in touch today, and once again enjoy quality meals and family time!

Or call us – our appliance experts are just one phone call away!

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How much does it cost to repair a stove?

The cost of repairing a stove will depend on the type, brand and model and the parts that need to be replaced. On average, however, it costs between $280 to $390 to repair a stove, regardless of the kind of stove. If you would like a more accurate price guide on your stove issue, please give our customer service team a call at 1300 567 637.

How do The Appliance Guys charge?

We provide value-for-money stove repair services and ensure that our rates are reasonable and highly cost-effective. Our number one aim is to deliver Fixed-Price Repairs where possible with 500 + stocked spare parts in each service vehicle. All Fixed-Price Repair prices are based on a $120.00 Inc GST Service Call Fee + $30.00 Inc GST labour cost plus the cost of any required spare parts.

Who are The Appliance Guys and what do they do?

The Appliance Guys have evolved into the company that it is today from our former company name Stove Doctor. We originally started out as a cooking appliance repair specialist company but have now included all appliances, such as dishwashers, dryers and washing machines, in our service division. We have also moved into the retail space, where we specialise in not just selling a product but providing a complete end-to-end service.

What appliances do The Appliance Guys repair?

We are licensed to repair all electric and gas household appliances, such as ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, washer & dryer combos, dryers, and hot water systems. Please note that we do not repair fridges, fireplaces or heaters.

Can I find more reviews on The Appliance Guys?

We have hundreds of reviews on third-party websites provided by actual past customers, such as Product Review and Google Reviews. We also have numerous real customer video testimonials on our website.

What is the best way to contact The Appliance Guys?

We can be contacted in a number of ways. However, the easiest way would be through our website text service, which is the speech bubble that can be found in the bottom right-hand side corner of our webpage. Alternatively, you may email us at or give us a call at 1300 567 637.

What brands of stoves do you repair?

There are over 100 appliance brands available in Australia, many offering a cooking range. We repair all the leading brands of stoves, such as Electrolux, Westinghouse, Bosch, Smeg, Fisher & Paykel, Beko, Euromaid, Miele, Whirlpool, Artusi, DeLonghi, Arc, Euro, ILVE, Omega and Haier, to name a few.

Can all stoves be repaired?

The majority of stoves we deal with are repairable. However, on occasion, we find that some have reached the end of their useful life depending on the stove's age, brand and condition. Our experienced appliance technicians can provide expert advice on repairing and replacing your dual fuel, electric or gas stove. Repairing your stove can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to a new purchase, as, on many occasions, it's a simple element fault.

Will you call me when you are on your way to repair my stove?

We know how valuable our customer's time is, so we aim to arrive early during the service window. Nevertheless, if an earlier appointment or repair takes longer than expected, the technician can still come in the service window on time. We aim to give you a call when we complete the previous repair, which is generally 20-30 minutes before arrival. Our technicians will call or send a text message.

What warranty do The Appliance Guys provide on the repairs?

All repairs completed by our expert stove repair team will be covered by a 12-month warranty. However, parts that are considered consumable or fragile items, such as light globes, filters, glass panels etc., are not covered under this warranty.

What other services do The Appliance Guys provide?

In addition to stove repairs, we provide appliance installation services and also provide new appliance options from all the leading brands such as Westinghouse, Chef, Electrolux, Miele, Beko, Smeg, Bosch and many more.

Can I purchase my new stove through The Appliance Guys?

Yes, you can purchase your new oven through The Appliance Guys. If you’re purchasing the appliance for an existing kitchen, we recommend that you get in touch with our specialist team to ensure that the appliance will fit into the existing kitchen.

What licenses does The Appliance Guys hold?

We hold the following trade licences: Drainer, Gas Fitter, LP Gasfitter, Plumber, Roof Plumber, and Electrician. These six trade licences allow us to service, repair and install any home appliance.

What insurances does The Appliance Guys hold?

We hold a Public Liability cover and Workers' Compensation Insurance.

What stove spare parts do you carry in your vehicles?

We carry an extensive range of spare parts for the leading dual fuel, electric and gas stove brands, such as Electrolux, Smeg, Chef, Bosch, Westinghouse, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Beko and Haier, to name a few.

How quickly can you come out to repair my stove?

Our availability will vary due to several factors. However, we can generally have a stove appliance technician out to your home within 48 hours.

If a stove is over ten years old, should I get it repaired?

As stoves age, getting spare parts may become more complicated, and repairs can often be limited on some brands and models due to a lack of spare parts. However, we recommend that a new stove be considered at this stage as there would have been many technological advances in the last ten years. For example, modern stove designs are more energy efficient, saving you significant money on running costs. Also, please speak to our team about stove repair vs replacement costs and options.

Can you repair my stove under manufacturer’s warranty?

We are an Authorised Service Provider for numerous manufacturers. If your stove is under warranty, we can repair it for free. However, you must contact the stove manufacturer first to issue us with a work order. We carry the latest stove diagnostic tools and common spare parts to have your stove working in no time.