Types of Microwaves to Choose From for Your Kitchen

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Microwaves have become an integral part of every home today. They make cooking easy and help you save time during the busy hours of the day. As a result, they have become some of the most researched and purchased appliances online, Microwaves. They come with various configurations, price points, and features. As a result, finding a suitable one for your home can be challenging. In addition, not knowing about the different types of microwaves can add to the confusion. Below is a list of microwaves that you can buy for your home:

Over the Range

An over-the-range microwave can be installed above your cooking range. As a result, it blends easily with your kitchen's interiors and helps to keep all your cooking areas in a central location. These microwave ovens have a built-in ventilation system that eliminates odors, fumes, and excessive heat from the kitchen. They have two filters - charcoal and grease to remove bad smells and clear the air, respectively. However, these microwave ovens are expensive compared to other ovens and require someone to install them.

Low Profile Microwaves

Low-profile microwave ovens can be installed either under your kitchen cabinets or over your cooktop. They save space on your kitchen counter, and their large interiors come with powerful cooking features.

Built In Microwaves

Built-in microwaves can be built into any space in your kitchen. They can be installed on your walls or within your existing cabinets. You just need to ensure the area fits the microwave's dimensions and has the required electrical connections. They have a wide range of power levels and sizes. However, like over-the-range and low-profile microwaves, they must be installed by professionals. 

Countertop Microwaves

Countertop microwaves are the most common type of microwave. They are found in most homes. They are easy to buy, set up, and replace. They sit easily on your countertop and require no installation whatsoever. Though they take up space on your countertop, they can easily move around. 

Undercounter Microwaves

Undercounter microwaves can be installed in your lower cabinets. They are discreet and add to the modern aesthetic of your kitchen. These models are usually waist height, making them easily accessible. However, they are costlier than other microwave types. 

Convection Microwave Ovens

These ovens can be used to bake, cook, grill, and roast food in one place itself. In addition, they can be built into a wall, placed over a cooktop, or on your kitchen counter, making them ideal for your kitchen. 

Smart Microwaves

Smart microwave ovens have various remotely controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled, and adaptive features that make cooking extremely convenient and hassle-free. They are available in different configurations and are incredibly convenient as you can operate them on the go.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Microwave

Below is a list of important factors to consider when choosing a microwave:

Your Kitchen

Your microwave will be a part of your kitchen. Hence, if you care about aesthetics, consider how it will look in your kitchen. Similarly, if you are replacing a built-in microwave, you must consider its dimensions and find one that matches those dimensions. In addition, you should also think of how you use your kitchen daily and identify areas where it would be convenient to place the microwave. 

Microwave Size

Determining the size of your microwave is important irrespective of the type you want to buy. You must first factor in the space you have in the kitchen. You want to avoid getting a microwave you like, only to realize that it doesn't fit anywhere. Note down the microwave's dimensions, and check if there is enough space in your kitchen to accommodate it. You must also consider the space you need inside the microwave. Think of the things you will cook in it. Will your regularly used utensils and cookware fit in the microwave? For instance, if you plan to buy a convection microwave and make pizza or casseroles, you will have to note down the pans' size before buying it.


Consider the different features you need in your microwave. Microwaves today offer pre-programmed settings, sensor cooking, and defrost settings, making cooking convenient. Check if any of these features will help you. If you have a particular model in mind, consider how often you or your family will use its many features before purchasing it.


Microwaves with higher power and wattage have faster cooking times than those with lower wattage. Therefore, if you make dishes that need to cook evenly and quickly, then purchase a microwave with a higher power.

Installation Requirements

You must consider the microwave's installation requirements before purchasing one. If convenience is important to you, you can pick a microwave that is easy to install. On the other hand, if you don't mind getting a professional to install the microwave, you can choose one with a slightly complex installation process.


Cost is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a microwave. Most microwaves come in budget-friendly standard models and costlier, premium models. If you have a tight budget, you may want to avoid microwaves with higher price point configurations. No point in finding a microwave that doesn't fit your budget.


The average life of a microwave oven is nine years. Even the most durable ovens will last about ten to twelve years, depending on the brand, usage, and maintenance. You must find an oven that will last as long as possible. You can research different brands online and go through customer reviews to determine how long microwaves of different brands last before picking one.  

With various types of microwaves available in the market, noting down features that are important to you can help you narrow down the models that are most suited for you and your family. You can then purchase the microwave from an appliance store like The Appliance Guys Sydney.

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