Rinnai FM10LA 10L Flowmaster 10 LPG Instantaneous Hot Water System

Let our team provide you with a complete end to end dishwasher solution which includes Appliance Consultation, Delivery & Appliance Installation. SPECIFICATIONS: Key Specifications Brand Rinnai Model... Learn more

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Rinnai FM10LA 10L Flowmaster 10 LPG Instantaneous Hot Water System


Only for Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

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Rinnai FM10LA 10L Flowmaster 10 LPG Instantaneous Hot Water System


Only for Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

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  • specifications

    Let our team provide you with a complete end to end dishwasher solution which includes Appliance Consultation, Delivery & Appliance Installation.


    Key Specifications
    Brand Rinnai
    Model Number FM10LA
    Finish Colour White
    Height (mm) 838 mm
    Width (mm) 380 mm
    Depth (mm) 219 mm
    Fuel Type LPG
    Hot Water System Type Continuous
    Flow Rate 10 L /min
    Other Features
    Energy Rating 5.6
    Set Temperature 60 °C
    Features - High Efficiency With 5.6 Stars
    - 10 Litres Per Minute Of Hot Water @ 25°C Rise
    - Battery Ignition – No Power Required And Ideal For Remote Locations
    - Sleek And Modern Design To Suit Contemporary Homes
    - Class Leading Warranty Of 3 Years Parts And Labour And 10 Years Heat Exchanger
    - Natural Gas Or Lpg Available
    - Water And Gas Connections Placed For Quick And Easy Changeover
    - Puretemp™ Water Delivery Technology Inbuilt To Provide A Perfectly
    - Constant Outlet Water Temperature
    - Minimum Flow Rate Of 2.9 Litres Per Minute
    Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years
    Warranty Note Domestic Warranty on Parts & Labour.
    Use Not Intended or Designed for Commercial Use.
    png-img.png User Manual Download Manual
    png-img.png Specification Sheet Download Specification Sheet
  • delivery & installations - important read

    You deserve a hassle-free delivery and installation experience when you buy your next hot water system. Whether replacing an old hot water system or performing a house renovation, all hot water systems in Australian homes must be fitted in accordance with different regulatory regulations such as the Building Code of Australia, AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules, AS 5601, and AG 601.

    Get in touch with The Appliance Guys. Call us on 1300 567 637 to discuss your new hot water system purchase or delivery and installation.

    Read more:

    Hot Water System Installation

    Please note that you are purchasing a direct fit or like-for-like hot water system installation package where the existing hot water system and the new hot water system are of the same type, with no change to the location, size, or increase in the energy supply to the unit.

    As part of our Standard Installation Scope of Works (SISW), the following items will be included with each hot water system installation:

      • Deliver the new hot water system.

      • Check the area for existing damage.

      • Ensure the new hot water system will fit.

      • Isolate electricity, gas or water supply to the existing hot water system.

      • Test to ensure electricity, gas or water is off.

      • Disconnect and remove the old hot water system.

      • Install and connect the new hot water system.

      • Secure new hot water system in place as per manufacturer specifications.

      • Restore the electricity, gas or water supply to the hot water system.

      • Test all functions are working ok on the new hot water system.

      • Remove all rubbish and clean the work area.

    Please note that the items below are included in our installation fee.

      • 2 Meters of copper pipe - Included

      • Copper press fittings (½" & ¾ ) - Included

      • Brass fittings (½" & ¾ ) - Included

    Hot Water System Installation Exclusions

    Please note that there are NO provisions for unexpected supply of valves, circuit breakers, circuits, fuses or power points. Our hot water system installation team will provide a quote on site that must be approved before any additional services are commenced.

      • Installing new powerpoints - Starts at $60.00 Inc GST

      • Installing complete new hot water system circuit - Starts at $450.00 Inc GST

      • Continuous flow system ball valve kit - $249.00 Inc GSt

      • 500kpa Pressure limiting valve - $139.00 Inc GST

      • Combo non-return & isolation valve - $97.00

      • Installing new gas ball valve - $60.00 Inc GST

      • Concrete paver - $90.00 Inc GST

      • Tempering valve - $169.00 Inc GST

      • Cold water expansion valve - $90.00 Inc GST

    Old Hot Water System Removal

    Recycling your hot water system is an easy way to protect our environment and ensure the well-being of our community for generations to come, which is why The Appliance Guys will remove your old hot water system for FREE of charge and ensure it is recycled.

    Hot Water System Delivery

    Please note that we only deliver to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne metro suburbs. Our Set Fee Delivery and Free Delivery options are based on particular metro suburbs only. We can also deliver to Adelaide, Perth and other cities outside our service area; however, additional delivery charges may apply. Feel free to contact us before your purchase at 1300 567 637 or via our online chat service to check if you will incur additional delivery charges.

Hassle-Free Delivery

Appliances can take up a lot of space and be very heavy. Instead of arranging for a truck yourself, or straining your back, let us handle the delivery!

Unlike some retailers, we won’t just drop off a huge box at your doorstep. We will deliver your appliance within a 3-hour window and place it exactly where you want it.

Safe Expert Installation & Easy Removal

Some appliances can be difficult or even dangerous to install. Rather than wasting your time and risking your family’s safety, have our team of trained professionals handle your installation.

We’re licensed for gas, electric and water appliances. Our technicians uncrate, set in place, level, connect and test your new appliance. Finally, we clean up, leaving no rubbish behind! If you want, we will also remove your old appliance.

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frequently asked questions

How do continuous flow water systems work?

Continuous flow water systems work by heating small copper pipes in the system and passing water through them. The system heats water to a preferred temperature then directs it straight to your tap. Continuous flow water systems will only heat as long as the water is turned on; once it shuts, the system turns itself off. These systems do not have any heat loss as no water is stored to the desired temperature. The units only start heating when the hot tap is turned on. Most homes have a continuous hot water system because it doesn’t take up much space and is more efficient than electrical heating tanks.

What do you need for a simple installation?

With continuous flow hot water systems requires the correct size gas pipe. In most cases a complete gas line upgrade from the existing gas meter to the new continuous flow hot water systems location is required. To ignite the continuous flow hot water systems and keep it cool the unit uses a 240V power point. If you have one already within 1 meter of the new installation no further installation is required. Each property is different but, in most cases, the existing water lines cannot flow enough to utilise the extra performance a 26L can deliver. Due to this we recommend for most 4×2 homes a 20L unit which will also save on gas as a 20L unit used 25% less gas than a 26L?

I need a new system, however, why should upgrade my old hot water system to a continuous flow hot water system?

Pepole that have a storage water tank need to consider how much is it costing you to run per year? It is estimated that hot water alone could cost a household up to $1000 a year in gas. The larger your capacity, the more it costs you to keep that tank heated up. By switch to a continuous flow gas hot water heater you will cut down significantly on gas consumption, do less damage to the environment, and spend a lot less with your gas supplier.

What is a continuous flow hot water system?

Continuous flow hot water systems (also known as 'tankless', 'instantaneous' and 'on-demand' hot water systems) are small wall-mounted units that heat water as you use it, rather than heating it slowly and storing it as a hot water storage tank does.

What brands offer continuous flow systems?

While there a number of providers and brands that offer Australian households plenty of continuous flow systems, here are a few of the more well-known brands such as Rinnai, AquaMax, Rheem, Bosch and Dux.

What will it cost to convert from a storage tank to continuous flow hot water system?

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