Things Not to Miss When Choosing A Dishwasher

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The convenience of a dishwasher beats hand-washing your dishes any day. If you're planning to make the switch or prepare to replace your old dishwasher, search for a dishwasher for sale. And believe me, there's no going back once you get used to such a handy appliance.

But let's face it; when you hit the market, you'll be inundated with options enough to make your head spin. Some claim to sport all the bells and whistles you would expect from a dishwasher. Others have similar features, but the pricing is way different. Will the dishwasher you are settling for meet your needs? How do you navigate the dishwasher market without getting overwhelmed or losing sight of your goal?

Sounds like quite the predicament. 

Fortunately, The Appliance Guys have taken the initiative to do the homework for you. As such, you can skip the research bit and head straight to our store for the best dishwasher deals - after checking out our list (below) of aspects you should consider when exploring your options:

Energy Efficiency

Is the dishwasher you're planning to buy going to use a lot of electricity? Check the dishwasher's Energy Rating label to determine how efficient it is. The last thing you want is an energy guzzler that will rack up bills.

Even so, we must point out that most manufacturers pull all the stops to ensure their units are efficient. Among the features they may integrate into their units include the following:  

  • Half-load options
  • Delay start
  • Speed wash
  • Multiple temperature settings

Check the unit's wattage and corresponding annual energy consumption if you prefer a different approach to measuring power usage. The higher the wattage, the more power the dishwasher will draw. As a result, a dishwasher with all the options you can imagine would have a 5 Star Rating or higher rating, making it more economical than one with a lower rating.

Noise Level

As much as a noisy dishwasher can be annoying, it can disrupt your household. Let's assume your home has an open floor plan or your expansive kitchen has ample room for friends or family to gather around. Do you want your dishwasher's drone to ruin the conversations?

No one should suffer through such an ordeal, as it can quickly kill the vibe in your space. Therefore, determine the unit's noise level you're planning to buy.

The decibel (dB) rating informs you how loud an appliance is - most dishwashers hum along at around 45-49 decibels, which isn't too loud to be disruptive. Anything higher than that would transform your kitchen into a karaoke bar - okay, we're stretching the truth, but you get the idea. If you're looking for a super quiet dishwasher, go for a unit with a lower dB rating - under 44 dB will suffice.

Cleaning Power

Your dishwasher should provide second-to-none cleaning performance and make light work of dirty dishes. To achieve this goal, check the unit's water temperature range and spray pressure (the amount of water discharged from the sprays). Also, investigate the cycle options and the recommended detergent.

For instance, some washers may use steam to loosen stubborn food residue, while others rely on intensive wash cycles and long rinses. Others sport power-spray cycles and other features that rev up their cleaning performance.

That said, don't settle on a dishwasher based only on the advertised features - some may be gimmicky or unnecessary. Also, consider the type of water you intend to use. Hard water can quickly render a dishwasher useless. Hence, it would be advisable to look for a unit with a built-in water softener to ensure optimal performance.

Also, consider how much water each cycle uses. If you're in a drought-prone area or want to reduce water usage, go for a model designed to use less water efficiently.

Capacity and Adjustable Racks

A large family with many dishes to wash will need a dishwasher with enough space to handle the extra load. It doesn't make sense to buy a small-capacity dishwasher and still have to pre-rinse your dishes. So, consider the number of place settings the unit can accommodate.

Also, check the racks and ensure they're adjustable or foldable - you want to avoid being stuck with an appliance that can't fit more giant platters or casseroles. And, if you're the type who likes to squeeze every bit of space, look for a model offering third-level racks.

In other words, always check the dishwasher size to ensure it fits your needs and the measurements of your kitchen. Otherwise, you may have to start shopping for custom cabinets - an unplanned expense.

Drying Performance

No one likes a wet countertop, so ensure your dishwasher offers excellent drying performance. Most modern units come with either turbo fan dryers or condenser dryers - the former utilizes air to evaporate moisture, while the latter uses heat.

The result should always be sparkly clean, and bone-dry dishes. However, some models may use residual heat or require you to leave the door ajar for several minutes, which can be tedious and annoying. A dishwasher that will only do half the job isn't worth your money.


Ultimately, make a cost-benefit analysis. Consider the features you're willing to live without versus the qualities you need most. While at it, compare the prices of various units, assess their parts, and make an informed choice based on your assessment. You may even compare prices of the same dishwasher model at different stores or online to find the best bargain.

Besides, your budget should determine the type of dishwasher you go for. Some advanced models may cost more, but at least you can enjoy their automated features and efficient performance. Nonetheless, if you're on a tight budget and prefer to keep things basic, don't compromise on quality - even if you have to make do with a few manual features.

The Appliance Guys have done most of the legwork and stock quality models combining efficiency with top-notch cleaning capability at an unbeatable price point. By considering the variables we've addressed, you can make sense of the ever-growing list of features and identify a suitable appliance.

And once you make up your mind, consider exploring our diverse collection of dishwashers at We have something for everyone, so take your pick and enjoy sparkling dishes without breaking the bank.


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