Why do induction cooktops make a noise?

Dejan Josipovic
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Induction cooktops are getting popular in Australia for several reasons, including their energy efficiency, precise temperature control, safety features, and ease of cleaning. Unlike gas or electric cooktops, induction cooktops transfer heat directly to the cookware, rather than heating the air around it. This means they can cook food faster and more efficiently, and with greater control over the temperature.

As for the noise they are known to make while in use, induction cooktops generate a humming or buzzing sound due to the rapidly alternating magnetic field that is used to heat the cookware. This magnetic field causes the cookware to vibrate slightly, which produces the sound. However, not all induction cooktops produce the same level of noise. Some models use technology to reduce the noise levels, such as incorporating vibration-damping materials into the cooktop or using a different frequency for the electromagnetic field.

While the noise level of an induction cooktop may be a concern for some people, it is generally considered a minor issue compared to the benefits they offer in terms of energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and safety.

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