3 Things You Should Know About Your Appliance Warranty

Dejan Josipovic
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Have you upgraded your kitchen with any new appliances lately? (If not, start looking here!) If so, familiarity with the terms of your warranty will serve you well in the event that you ever need to have your appliance serviced with in the manufacturer warranty period.

With a few notable exceptions, most appliance warranties in Australia last 2 years with a growing increase of brands offering 5 year warranties. Knowing these three points about your warranty will save you time and money, whether you have a warranty with Westinghouse, Smeg, Beko, or any other brand.

3 Facts About Your Manufacturer Warranty

1. Not all appliance repairs will be covered under warranty.

For this reason, many manufacturers prefer to refer to their warranty coverage as a "limited warranty." Covered maintenance typically is restricted to fixing production flaws. For instance, the following are not covered by Electrolux manufacturer warranty:

Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, improper installation, repair, or maintenance for example poor installation is a major cause of vibration problems in dryers and uneven washing cycles. If this is the case, your manufacturer's warranty will not cover the cost of the service.

  • “Light globes, batteries, filters or similar perishable parts”
  • “The Appliances serial number has been removed or defaced”
  • “The appliance is modified without authority from Electrolux in writing”

These examples from Electrolux's manufacturer warranty are common for most brands; nevertheless, before assuming that your warranty covers the same things, check your owner's handbook.

2. The manufacturer will use subcontractors for the repair.

The technician who comes to your home to perform warranty repairs may seem like he or she works directly for the manufacturer, however, in most cases, that's not the case and they are subcontracted. Because of this, the level of service and expertise will vary from area to area as the manufacturer may not provide the same training and their style and methods may not blend with the manufacturers expectations.

3. Without the original receipt, your warranty is null and void.

You will realise how important your proof of purchase is when you need to make a warranty claim: always hang on to your receipts! Without the receipt of purchase, most appliance manufacturers will not service your item under warranty. Most retail stores will keep your receipt on file in case you do lose it but its good to email it to yourself and keep it in a safe place. 

The good news is if you purchase your appliance from The Appliance guys we will relieve you of the burden of making a warranty call. If you have lost your receipt, don't worry—our system can help locate it, and we'll file a warranty claim with the manufacturer on your behalf. So, before making that warranty call, be well-versed in the scope of your coverage.

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