Best Heat Pump Dryers of 2023

Dejan Josipovic
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Installing a clothes dryer in your laundry might be difficult if you need to connect it to a vent, but installing a heat pump dryer can be easier. In situations where a vented dryer cannot be installed, dryers without external venting are a viable and much better alternative. A heat pump dryer doesn't need a vent since it recirculates air through the drum by taking up moisture from the cloths. If this is the type of dryer you're looking for in 2023, here are the three of the best heat pump dryers on the market.

Electrolux EDH903R9WB 

Electrolux EDH903R9WB - The Appliance Guys

The Electrolux EDH903R9WB 9kg Ultimate Care 900 heat pump dryer with 3D Sense is highly rated by consumers as one of the best heat pump dryer models. It has a huge capacity of 9kg with 3D Sense technology which will eliminate uneven drying. The 3D Sense technology measures the humidity and dampness of the load and adjusts the drying time accordingly to ensure all fabrics, even silk and wool, will be dried with optimal, precise care and giving consistent results, every time.

The inverter technology found in the Electrolux EDH903R9WB will also make is gentle on the ears as it is designed to be discreet and unobtrusive. You can be confident to turn on your dryer on any time of the day or night, without it interfering with anything else you're doing.

Beko BDP710W 

Beko BDP710W

The Beko BDP710W comes with the "EcoGentle" heat pump technology which means you can dry without draining the colours or your bank account. Drying at a lower temperature (60°C with EcoGentle™ heat pump instead of 110°C with an AV condenser) it is gentler on your clothes. Another useful feature we find is the BabyProtect+ program which provides a deep sterilisation of your laundry killing the presence of live house dust mites and pollen. This sterilisation is possible due to the high temperature in this program, offering perfect drying cycles to protect your little one’s clothes and delicate skin which has been approved by Allergy UK.

The anti creasing feature has become very popular across most brands of heat pump dryers and the Beko BDP710W is no different as it includes the Auto Anti Creasing program which is perfect for those days when you can’t unload your laundry right away, the automatic anti-creasing function rotates the drum periodically for up to 2 hours after a cycle has finished, separating your laundry to minimise creases.

Westinghouse WDH804N8WA

Westinghouse WDH804N8WA

We're also fans of the Westinghouse WDH804N8WA 8kg EasyCare 700 series heat pump dryer with it innovative heat pump system that includes SenseDry technology which ensures gentle drying, great performance and energy efficiency with a 7-star energy rating. You can expect around the clock freshness with the reverse tumbling action which switches directions between clockwise and anti clockwise so the load dries quicker and more evenly.

The Westinghouse WDH804N8WA is also a winner of the "Good Design Award" which is an accolade that is awarded to products, services or projects that, in the opinion of the judges have satisfied the evaluation criteria for Good Design.

Why we love heat pump dryers?

Many people are unaware that there is an amazing new technology for clothes drying that utilizes the same technology as reverse-cycle air conditioners and that it is far better for the environment and your budget.

Not to be mislead by the name. Heat pump dryers are renowned for for not creating hot air and moisture.   Similar to how a refrigerator operates, a heat pump dryer repeatedly reheats and recycles the same air back into the drum. Heat pump dryers are among the most practical and energy-efficient home appliances available, as they require no venting. So, you will experience cheaper power bills for the duration of the appliance's life.

Amazingly, due to its energy-efficient heat-exchange system, the heat pumps consumes little energy, so you will save a lot of money in the long run on your power bills. In addition, they extract and condense the moisture from the clothing, so you don't wind up with an excessively damp laundry, which can lead to mould issues.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Clothes?

A heat pump dryer will take somewhat longer to dry your clothes than a normal vented dryer. This is due to the cooler temperatures, which are better for the environment and your clothing. In our experience heat pump dryers require 30–40 percent more drying time for the normal load cycle. Just something to keep in mind if you frequently dry many loads of clothes every day.

Have any more heat pump questions?

If you have question you have in regards to heat pump dryers please feel free to contact us directly on 1300 567 637 or comment in the section below. We will keep adding and expanding this article to help better educate customers about heat pumps and their benefits.

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