Why are 10kg Top Load Washing Machines are so popular?

Dejan Josipovic
5 Minute Read
There are numerous different sizes of top load washing machines, but most people choose one with a bigger drum. If you need a new top load washing machine, you might think about going with the current trend and getting a 10kg machine.

As you can imagine there are many great advantages about 10kg machines. Whether you live alone or with a big family, having a bigger drum can be very helpful. More clothes can be washed at once in a bigger washing machine. A 10kg washing machine can easily fit up to 50 items, a king-sized blanket, or even a set of curtains! This can make it easier to do less laundry each week.

As a rough guide a 10kg top load washing machine also costs less to run than a smaller one, because it uses 10% less energy per kg of laundry.

Even if you only have a small amount of laundry most of the time, a 10kg machine could be a good choice for you. You can tell the machine to wash a smaller load, which will take less time and use less water and electricity. Having a smaller load and more space in the drum can also keep your clothes from bunching up. This means that when they come out of the machine, they will be less wrinkled.

Having a 10kg washer also keeps people from putting too much in their machine. It can be tempting to empty the whole laundry basket at once, but a smaller machine might not be able to handle that. Overfilling a washing machine can damage the drum over time, which means you'll have to buy a new one sooner.

There are so many advantages to choosing a 10kg washing machine. The Westinghouse WWT1084C7WA 10kg machine has a big drum, fast wash program, and a wide opening door, making it perfect for bigger loads. Westinghouse has also added features to make your life easier, such as a delayed start time, gentle drum, and a soft closing lid. All of these features come at a very reasonable price.

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