The Most Reliable Top Loading Washing Machines of 2023

Dejan Josipovic
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Top-loading washing machines are renowned for their user-friendliness. They are so prevalent in household in Australia because of their reliability. Consider the following information if you are in the market for a new washing machine and are on the fence about getting a top-load machine. Top -loading washing machines are more reliable, less expensive, more accessible, and easier to repair than front-loading models. In addition, top-load washing machines are equipped with a variety of helpful features, such as intelligent technology and customised wash cycles, to guarantee that your clothing are well cleaned.

We also get asked regularly if a top load washer is better with or without an agitator? In our opinion top-load washing machines with an agitator tend to get clothes cleaner, while top-load washers without an agitator are gentler on your clothes. If there is no agitator, you also get extra space for bulky items, such as blankets and winter jackets.

Check out our suggestions for the most trustworthy residential top-load washers.

Westinghouse WWT1084C7WA

 Westinghouse WWT1084C7WA

As our first pick in the top load washer range we have chosen the Westinghouse WWT1084C7WA, which is a 10kg White Top Load Washing Machine, however, Westinghouse offers a full line of washing machines ranging from 6kg to 12kg with identical features except for the drum size, which differs in kg.

The Westinghouse 12kg Top Load Washing Machine is an efficient and cost-effective washing solution for large Australian households. With 12 wash programmes to choose from, it's simple to choose a cycle that matches your clothing and schedule. There is a wash option customised to the condition of your clothes, allowing you to wash delicates with confidence or scrub stains with abrasiveness. Using a pressurised spray to dissolve soap before the start of a cycle, the PreMix+ feature prevents detergent residue from accumulating on your clothing.

The kid safety lock and soft-closing lid will provide you with additional piece of mind when curious tiny fingers are at large. With the delay end option, you may limit the amount of time laundry spends inside the drum once a cycle has concluded. Depending on your schedule and washing needs, you may determine when the cycle should end. Because to this and the silent functioning of the inverter motor, you may sleep easily while a cycle is running and wake up to a clean load of clothes.

The Westinghouse WWT1084C7WA top-load washing machine from Westinghouse is a great choice for busy homes seeking a washing machine that performs its duties effectively.

Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1


Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1

Our second pick is the Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 10kg Top Load Washing Machine. Fisher & Paykel's FabricSmart 10kg top-load washing machine is designed to clean your clothing with care. Whether you're washing woollens, delicates, or bulky goods, the SmartTouch control dial allows you to select from 12 wash programmes for precise and accurate cleaning. High spin speeds of up to 1100 RPM assist in removing moisture from garments, hence reducing drying time and conserving energy. The revolutionary Eco-Active wash function recycles water in order to conserve electricity and water. After each cycle, you can rest assured that your cargo has been fully cleaned.

Driven by SmartDrive technology, this washing machine performs quietly and is simple to maintain, making it a hassle-free option for doing your laundry. This is an excellent alternative for large families or busy houses due of its enormous capacity.

Haier HWT10AN1

Haier HWT10AN1

Our third pick is the Haier HWT10AN1 10kg Top Load Washing Machine. This Haier 10 kg top-loading washing machine provides an efficient and uncomplicated laundry solution. The incredibly capacious 10 kilogramme capacity could fit the laundry of both large families and busy homes.

Following the loading of the drum with the family's laundry, the soft-close lid closes softly to prevent banging. There are twelve specialised wash routines for all of your fabric varieties, including Wool, Woolen, and Delicates. In addition, you may utilise the Quick 30 cycle if you are in a rush.

This Haier HWT10AN1 is driven by Direct Motion technology for long-lasting performance and silent operation. This unit is constructed with high-quality, long-lasting components, including a reinforced glass cover, to withstand the rigours of your laundry.

Why we recommend the 10kg top load washer size?

Having a larger wash drum may be quite advantageous, regardless of whether you live alone or with a large family. The larger the washing machine, the more clothing that can be washed simultaneously. A 10 kilogramme washing machine can easily accommodate up to 50 items, a king-sized blanket, or even curtains! This can reduce the quantity of laundry required each week. Read more on why 10kg Top Load Washing Machines are so popular here.

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